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راتنج TPU / المطاط الصناعي الحراري TPU / مادة خام TPU للنعال

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Commodity TPU Quality inspection date 2018/12/13
No. Item Unit Standard Determine scope Testing result  Test method
1 Appearance   Visual test Natural color Natural color  
2 Hardness Shore A ASTM-D2240 0~100 30C indoor temperature℃
3 Density SP.Gr ASTM-792 1.15±0.05 1.2  
4 Solution flow index g/10min ASTM-D1238 5~20 13 190℃,2.16kg
5 Tensile strength Mpa ASTM-D412 ≥5 7.8 indoor temperature  500mm/min
6 Elongation % ASTM-D412 ≥500 550
7 Tear strength KN/m ASTM-D624 ≥20 23
Manufacturing technique
Barrel temperature Range ℃ Typical value ℃
Forepart 150-190 170
Midpiece  150-210 180
Back end 150-210 180
Orifice/Die-head 160-200 180
Upper limit of processing temperature ℃ 220
Time of drying  Generally there is no need to dry,If the storage environment is humid or the production of products surface requirements higher parts,dry in a hot air oven for 2 to 4 hours
1.The above data is only for reference. The above data can be adjusted according to different models,molds and product requirements.2.Do not allow the material in the barrel to stay too long too long,Please use PE to clean the machine before stopping it.
Materials can be developed and produced according to clients' requirements

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  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
  • راتنج TPU / مطاط حراري TPU
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